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Launchpad Compatibility

All Launchpad projects work on any type of Launchpad. No need to ask: "Will this project work on my Launchpad Pro if its made for Launchpad X?" Yes, all projects work on all Launchpads (Midifighter 64 included)

Max For Live

Most projects use Max for Live plugins to function which can only be enabled in Ableton Live Trial or Ableton Live Suite. However, Live Lite, Live Intro, and Live Standard will NOT work. Plus, you cannot add Max onto any other version of live, using the standalone version of Max wont work either

Launchpad MK2 Compatibility

Launchpad MK2 will not work in Ableton 10.1.0 - 10.1.5. If you want to use Launchpad MK2 you must use Ableton 10.1.6 or higher

Launchpad Input

If your project shows an input and an output track, they should be configured like this


Lights don’t work

Make sure to remap all your chain selectors and set your output to your Launchpad. There are tutorials online of how to do this. Also make sure that you aren't missing any plugins used in the project. If that still doesn't work, check to see if the project is a collab. Some people use Apollo to make lights, which is a free software that you can download that from Projects like Alone Pt. II and Roses use Apollo. Open Apollo with the Apollo Light File


Follow up to previous faq: here are the projects that use Apollo Studio


- Alone Pt. II

- 8-Legged Dreams

- Titanium

and some more

If you need help with Apollo then check out this guide here

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