Sergio Valentino is a Launchpad newcomer and gained in just 2 years over 40 million views and over 190.000 Subscribers on YouTube. He is known for his Video Quality and his unique way of color correcting his Videos. It started as a hobby but Sergio understood the potential of his Channel and finished school to focus on his YouTube Videos. He is one of the most active Launchpad Creators out there right now.


Sergio Valentino lives in a small town near Munich (Germany) with his family and his little brother who is an important part of his Channel.

Some Facts about me:

Age: 18

Hobbies: Gym, driving cars, creating Launchpad Videos

Favorite Artist: Pop Smoke

Favorite Launchpad: Launchpad Pro Mk1 (the old Pro)

Favorite YouTuber: Niko Omilana

Favorite Launchapadder: Kaskobi & Vitacity

Project Files

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